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Being Prepared

Unless you live in warm climates and prefer not to ever think of such things as snow, most everyone knows we had a blizzard here last weekend.  It was the only thing anyone here was talking about for days and days.  It felt like all we did the latter half of last week was get ready for it.  A big waiting game with grocery store runs, gas tank fill ups, pulling out snow shovels, boots, and the other necessary equipment to get us through the storm and into the aftermath.  Well, were still digging out two days later, but were doing okay.  I have food and supplies in my house.  My car has a full tank of gas (if nowhere to go quite yet), and my snow shovel and I have had a love hate relationship with my driveway.  I took all the necessary precautions, filled my arsenal and when it was go time, we got down to business using those resources and implementing the plan.

While its not quite the same, I feel this way about FPIs recovery work.  With all of the barriers we have had to work through, it has taken a tremendous amount of preparation to be ready to answer the questions.  We have benchmarked to determine MRFs that are accepting foodservice packaging products.   We have done two food residue studies to figure out that foodservice packaging is no more contaminated than other routinely recycled food packaging products.  We participated with others in a study to determine how materials flow through a MRF.  The preparations are still ongoing.  We are currently working on an important collaborative study to determine what percentages of the population have access to recycling for our products.  Honestly, we will have to continue to work on some of the pieces, but, that can only be expected when we have such a large array of packaging types and materials. 

But, for a good portion of our materials, its time.  We have done a lot of homework and now its time to take the first big test.  We are going to start with implementation as city pilots.  This is the exciting part!  The proof in networks built carefully, piece by piece, including communities, MRFS and end markets - the willingness of partners to step up and be the models by which other cities can follow.  We actually have projects in the works for both recycling and composting.  This is what we have all been patiently waiting for and it feels really close.

It is hard to be patient.  It is hard to not just plunge ahead, but as we have said all along, we want to do this right.  We want to be as thorough with our implementation as we were in preparing for it.  That said were hoping to have more to tell you about our city work in the upcoming months of 2016.

This is truly just the beginning of our next phase in building a nationwide network of foodservice packaging recovery and if we are thorough in our work, we should always be preparing for the next step.

Posted By Natha Dempsey (Vice President) | 1/26/2016 12:31:05 PM