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Celebrating Compost Awareness Week

Did you know this was International Compost Awareness Week? According to the U.S. Composting Council, there are two basic goals:

1. To increase the diversion of organics from the main waste stream through increasing awareness of, and participation in, organics diversion initiatives and;

2. To increase awareness of, and advocate the proper use of, soil‐improving compost.

Some might question why we’re interested in drawing attention to this week and the issue of composting in general. Well, it’s quite simple. We support the recovery of all foodservice packaging, and one of those recovery options is composting.

It’s important to note that economically-viable and sustainable recovery efforts for foodservice packaging (and frankly, all materials) are dependent on having an end market that’s interested in the recovered materials. In this case, composters accept organic material (yard and food scraps, packaging, etc.), process it and produce an end product: compost.

If the foodservice packaging industry would like to see more if its compostable products actually composted, we need to do what we can to support the growth of the needed processing infrastructure and demand for the final product. If there’s more demand for the final product (compost), the processors (composters), will produce more of it. If the processors need to produce more product, they will accept more materials (foodservice packaging and other organic material). Voila!

We are happy to promote the International Compost Awareness Week and add to the growing number of voices touting the benefits of composting and compost. While USCC provides a list of over a dozen benefits, we’ll boil it down to just four:

·        Composting reduces the quantity of material going to landfill. If landfilled untreated, these organic materials will breakdown to release methane and leachate.

·        Compost provides the nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth.

·        Compost will cut down your watering requirements, as the soil will retain moisture and nutrients longer.

·        Compost helps prevent erosion of valuable topsoil and improve the structure of clay and sandy soils.  

For more information about the International Compost Awareness Week and ways you can “be loyal to your soil” (this year’s theme), please go to

Posted By Lynn M. Dyer (President) | 5/5/2015 3:14:18 PM