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Time flies when you're having fun

This week, I am celebrating my 20th anniversary at FPI. I have to be honest I never imagined that I would be here 20 years after my first day on Feb...

Posted By Lynn M. Dyer (President) | 2/6/2018 1:29:04 PM

Survey Says!

Actually, that's what we need all of you to do! Here at FPI, we are gearing up for our 19th State of the Industry Survey. We are getting ready to a...

Posted By Natha Dempsey (Vice President) | 1/23/2018 3:42:18 PM

New Year, New Priorities

Like many organizations, FPI has a strategic plan that identifies goals and objectives for the association. Our plan was updated just last year and...

Posted By Lynn M. Dyer (President) | 1/10/2018 2:30:57 PM

2017 Year in Review

"As the year draws to its close, I think about my living," sang John Denver, in one of my favorite Christmas albums, John Denver and the Muppets: A Ch...

Posted By Lynn M. Dyer (President) | 12/13/2017 9:47:49 AM

FPI Unpacked: FPIs New E-Newsletter!

If I've learned anything during my time here at FPI, it's that we are constantly evolving, growing and finding new ways to benefit our members and the...

Posted By Lynn M. Dyer (President) | 11/30/2017 12:01:41 PM