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The ROI on FPI

Each fall, we ask our members to decide whether or not they will continue to support FPI in the coming year. No doubt members take this time to consider the benefits of FPI. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it’s a little harder to understand their return on investment. Here’s some food for thought, for both current members considering renewing, as well as potential members considering whether to join their industry’s trade association for the first time.


Participation in the only foodservice packaging-focused conference in North America. Repeatedly voted by FPI members as the most valuable membership benefit, members meet twice a year. FPI meetings bring together the entire foodservice packaging value chain – material and machinery suppliers, converters, distributors and operators – to address issues and concerns confronting the industry. Are you planning to attend our Fall Conference next month where speakers will cover topics such as mergers and acquisitions; packaging innovations; market research; and catering? More details and registration information may be found here, or email Jennifer ( with questions.


Promotion of members’ products. Audiences are always looking for the “next big thing” in foodservice packaging, and many turn to FPI to stay abreast of these development. Through our quarterly Packaging Innovations and Insights newsletter, FPI touts members’ new products to over 700 contacts throughout the foodservice packaging value chain, let alone the dozens of media outlets in North America. Plus, entries in PII are also showcased through FPI’s social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Finally, members’ products are included in FPI’s online product directory to steer potential customers to members’ sites. If you are an FPI member, did you submit products to PII this year or review your entry in FPI’s online product directory? Both may be found here.


Targeted news, information and trends impacting your business and the industry. It’s our job to make your job easier. One way FPI accomplishes this is to comb through dozens of online and print publications and bring key stories to your attention that may impact your business and the industry through our twice-monthly, members-only Executive Briefs. If you are an FPI member, are you reading this concise, content-packed newsletter? And sharing it with your colleagues within your company?


Insights from those in the industry about the industry. Every year, FPI surveys companies within the foodservice packaging value chain to gather their opinions on foodservice packaging and other issues related to the industry. The results help us compile our annual “State of the Industry Report” so you can see how your company stacks up against others, plus see what others have to say about important areas like hot markets for foodservice packaging and top challenges facing the industry. In addition, we offer another annual survey focused more specifically on the trends throughout the value chain, resulting in the aptly named “Trends Report.” If you are an FPI member, did you participate in these surveys, and/or did you read the resulting reports?


Involvement in special interest groups. FPI creates an umbrella for like-minded companies to work together. That’s exactly what’s happening with FPI’s Paper Recovery Alliance, Plastics Recovery Group and Foam Recycling Coalition – members and others collaborating on ways to increase the composting and recycling of foodservice packaging. It’s a long journey, but one that is well worth the additional investment for companies involved, as well as the entire industry. Are you involved with the PRA, PRG and/or FRC?


Updates on the latest legislative and regulatory threats to your business and the industry. There’s no doubt that there are threats at all levels of government that may limit the sale of foodservice packaging. Through FPI’s regular Legislative and Regulatory Report, members are kept up to date on the latest activity. If you are an FPI member, have you been reading these reports so you know how these votes in city councils and state houses may impact your business?


Guide industry-led collaboration on technical issues. FPI provides a legal forum for companies to discuss industry-wide challenges. In some cases, these “challenges” may be technical in nature, requiring the industry’s technical gurus to work together on issues like compiling resources related to compliance and good manufacturing practices for the foodservice packaging industry. Have you reviewed FPI’s latest “Compliance Manual Related to Foodservice Packaging in North America,” published last month and found here? Have you or someone from your company been participating in these discussions? Note that this work is open to both FPI members and non-members, and that group will meet November 4 in St. Louis, if interested. Contact Natha ( for details.


Those are just a few ways FPI can benefit member companies. But, dues paid to FPI also allow for activities that benefit the industry as a whole. I would put much of our communications efforts into this area, working with media, organizations and the general public to promote the foodservice packaging industry, through interviews, presentations, educational materials and our website. I would also put our outreach activities in this camp. We have a broad network of allies, allowing us to keep closer tabs on the developments that may impact our industry, while making sure our own industry’s interests are protected.


So, if you ask me, there is tremendous value in and benefit from FPI. I hope you will agree.


Posted By Lynn M. Dyer (President) | 10/13/2015 1:54:41 PM