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FPIs Fall Conference was great, eh?

Last week, the foodservice packaging industry including nearly 70 raw material and machinery suppliers, converters, foodservice distributors and operators gathered for FPIs Fall Conference. As usual at FPI events, it was a jam-packed program.

On the first day, we covered our biennial outlook on foodservice packaging materials. Whether attendees were interested in paper, plastic or aluminum, there was something for everyone. Speakers included Poyry's Kathy Kneer (paper), Peter Feng of IHS Markit (plastics) and aluminum analyst Scott Stewart from Black Hawk Resources. Their insights on the raw materials used in foodservice packaging were valuable for all throughout the value chain.

The second day had a Canadian slant, given the location for the conference. A presentation from Restaurants Canada's Jill Holroyd provided attendees with a better understanding of the Canadian foodservice industry and where the growth opportunities may exist. Of course, where there are opportunities, there are also challenges, and Rachel Morier from PAC Next and Andy Hackman from Serlin Haley discussed the challenges on the legislative and regulatory front most notably related to extended producer responsibility.

An FPI event wouldn't be complete without our supply chain panel, which this time included Matt Johnston of Pita Pit Canada; Michael Staseff from Sarku Japan and Mike Williams with Gordon Food Service. The "Three Ms" (as I affectionately called them) shared their thoughts on the previous topics, as well as provided their "wish list" for the foodservice packaging industry (hope everyone is getting to work on their wishes!).

[Members, you may find copies of the speakers' slides here. Non-members, you are out of luck; only members may access the slides.]

Certainly a highlight of our conference in Toronto especially for hockey buffs was the evenings networking reception at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Some members donned their favorite team's paraphernalia, which provided quite the conversation starters!

The Hockey Hall of Fame brings together competitors to rise above the rivalries, promote excellence and highlight the sport in general. Id like to think FPI's conferences do the same for our industry. If you haven't been to an FPI conference, I hope you will consider one in the future. More details may be found at  

Posted By Lynn M. Dyer (President) | 10/11/2016 3:10:36 PM