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Information Sharing Across FSP Chain Builds Bottom Line

For more than a century, foodservice packaging has helped protect public health by safely delivering both hot and cold foods. FSP is an industry that continues to evolve and reinvent itself alongside the ever-changing foodservice landscape. For example, 2015 marked the first time food and drink sales at restaurants surpassed those at traditional grocery stores. And in the land of foodservice operators, increasing production with grab and go items reflect the escalation of consumer snacking trends.

From sustainable packaging, to raw materials and distribution, the FSP value chain runs deep and collaborating and sharing best practices within the packaging community can help build the bottom line for the industry as a whole.

To help our industry grow, the need for information sharing across the entire value chain is key. The Resources page on FPIs website is a perfect example of how weve all come together to provide information that helps the entire industry learn and grow. Some of the things youll find in the Resources database include the following:

Publications and Reports: Here youll find a library of studies and reports, such as The Foodservice Operators Guide, a comprehensive guide containing all the foodservice packaging resources that FPI offers to foodservice operators. Other documents in this category include FPIs annual Trends Report, Market Research Resources and more.

Environment: You guessed it! This section of the database provides documentation to help our members get a better understanding of the hot topics associated with foodservice packaging and the environment. Some of the items you can retrieve here include information about composting, the ozone layer, packaging bans as well as A Guide to Reducing and Managing Litter.

Sanitation: Americans like to eat out. A lot. That means plenty of food-to-go and carryout. This section of the database includes information about properly storing and handling foodservice packaging, which aids public health and minimizes the opportunity for food contamination. Check out FPIs Sanitation Guide in this section, as well as other resources to help keep our industry clean.

Technical: Heres where you can find information about various testing, such as FPIs Rigidity Tester, a method to determine the rigidity of single-service paper and plastic plates, bowls, platters and trays. This section also provides FPIs Compliance Manual and more.

FPI and our members continue to share and collaborate best practices within the packaging community, providing a forum to promote the responsible use of all foodservice packaging.  Email me to find out how you, too, can partake in this effort.  

Posted By Lynn M. Dyer (President) | 3/22/2016 2:06:48 PM