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Innovation – Foodservice Packaging Style!

Next week, we will be presenting awards in the QSR/FPI Foodservice Packaging competition. It’s always fascinating to see the entries for this program, which takes place every couple of years. We’ll be highlighting innovations in brand delivery, convenience, performance, sustainability and the always fun “Wow” factor category. Watch for our blog post next month on all the winners.

In the meantime, did you know there’s another way to keep up with the latest innovations in foodservice packaging? Several times a year, once a quarter in fact, FPI invites all its members to submit new products in the foodservice packaging space for publication in our newsletter, Packaging Innovations & Insights.  These products include foodservice packaging items, but also the raw materials and machinery used to manufacture them. Showcasing products in Packaging Innovations & Insights affords our members the opportunity to share their newest items with an audience that includes operators and distributors and press contacts, as well as a host of FPI member and non-member suppliers and converters.  All told, the newsletter goes to over 750 contacts. That’s a lot of potential customers!

If you are an FPI member and have not submitted your products to our newsletter, we would love to have them!  We ask for a brief description of your product and a photograph to include. Based on our annual “State of the Industry” and “Trends” surveys, we know the following are important considerations. Keep these in mind when you are thinking about describing your newest product. 

·        Performance is always a top priority. How does your product provide improved performance or increased functionality?

·        Efficiency is key, both for the converter and the operator. How does your product improve efficiency, and for whom?

·        Branding is becoming increasingly important for operators. How does your product help differentiate an operator’s brand?

·        The desire for “sustainable” packaging and materials continues to grow. Do you consider this product “sustainable?” If so, how?

·        Convenience, both for operators and also their customers, is sought-after. Does your new product deliver added convenience, and if so, for whom?

And, of course, the perfect solution would do all of these things, while still being cost effective.

Our next issue of PII is slated to go out in a few weeks.  If you are an FPI member, this is an easy way to promote your new products (and a member-only benefit!).  If you are considering submitting an innovative product, drop me an email and I’m happy to help answer questions.

Posted By Natha Dempsey (Vice President) | 10/27/2015 11:09:50 AM