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Meet Me in St. Louis

Meet me in St. Louis, Louis. Meet me at the fair. OK, maybe not the Worlds Fair, as described in the classic 1944 film, but there is a good reason to travel to the Gateway to the West: FPIs Fall Conference, November 5-6!


Twice a year, the foodservice packaging industry and its supply chain partners gather for the only event in North America focused solely on foodservice packaging. These events consistently rank as a top member benefit, and I think its because of the networking opportunities and carefully selected topics and speakers.


Unlike many other conferences, our events are exclusive only members and invited guests. We want to make sure our events are attended by and focused on foodservice packaging just like FPI. We provide a legal forum (FPIs legal counsel carefully monitors our functions) to network and discuss the industry challenges and opportunities.


Topics and speaks are selected based on the interests of the members and relevancy to the industry. Over the two half-day sessions this November, well cover four key subjects:


        We continue to see mergers and acquisitions throughout the foodservice industry, so Tom Blaige, Chairman and CEO of Blaige & Company, will share the latest.

        Given that this was a year in which FPI and QSR partnered on our Innovations in Foodservice Packaging Competition (and you wont want to miss the awards presentation on Thursday evening in St. Louis!), we thought the topic of packaging innovation would be useful. Nancy Limback, principal at Packaging Strategies & Solutions, will cover that one for us.

        One of the most common questions we get at FPI is What kind of market research do you have on foodservice packaging? [Check out our recent blog post on that topic] As it turns out, our friends at The Freedonia Group, Inc. just released their latest Industry Study on Foodservice Disposables, and Dan Meges, their director of client solutions, will give us the highlights.

        We know catering is one of the hottest growth drivers in the foodservice industry, and luckily for us, it requires foodservice packaging. Erle Dardick, founder & CEO of The Catering Institute, will share some of his thoughts on this darling of the foodservice industry.


Lets not forget one of the most popular sessions at FPIs conferences: our supply chain panel. We invite operators and distributors to share their honest thoughts on foodservice packaging. Sometimes we like what they have to say, and other times not. But, members always its always insightful. Stay tuned for the list of confirmed panelists.


And, as usual at our fall event, weve included time on the agenda for FPIs divisions (Egg Packaging, Food Packaging Trays and Suppliers) to hold their annual meetings, as well as a meeting for everyone to hear updates on FPIs current activities, strategic plan focus areas, budget and other more internal member business issues.


No doubt theres something for everyone, and I do hope youll meet me in St. Louis!


More information on FPIs Fall Conference may be found here.

Posted By Lynn M. Dyer (President) | 9/15/2015 3:37:52 PM