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Our Secret Obsession

I do it. You do it. Your colleagues do it. Your close family and friends may do it. Itís an obsessive-compulsive disorder that we all have in common. Any guesses what that is?

I just got back from a weekís vacation. I completely stepped away from the office, not looking at a single email or taking a single call from the office. Admittedly, I did just one work-related activity while on vacation. Any guesses what that is?

Itís that one activity we in our industry do when we use foodservice packaging. Turn it over. Examine it up close. Consider the print quality and seams. Check out the rimmed edge. Or test the flexibility to figure out the resin type. Rip it to study the internal layers. For some of us, stretch out your hand so you can read the fine print. Or maybe review the environmental marketing claims being made on the package (this is one action I find myself doing more and more these days!).

For me, I am always curious about who made the item and whether they are a member. Thereís always a sense of pride when I see that itís made by an FPI member. This is especially true when I am in another country, like last week, when I was pleased to turn over my cup and find it was made by FPI member Convermex! And yes, I am such a foodservice packaging geek that I actually took a picture of it.

Itís a weird obsession, but I take comfort in knowing we all do it.

Enjoy your vacations and foodservice packaging examinations!

Posted By Lynn M. Dyer (President) | 7/13/2016 10:04:19 AM