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Our Take on Trends

Itís hard to believe this is the eighth year for FPI's annual Trends Report. Every year in September, we send our members a survey with six short, opinion-based questions. This gives our members an opportunity to provide insights into the trends within the foodservice packaging supply chain. (You can read more detail about the survey in a previous blog post.)

While our members are very willing to provide this information, their answers usually vary depending on where they fall in the supply chain. This year, we were surprised not only by the detailed answers we received, but by the fact that answers didnít vary as much between different parts of the supply chain. In fact, it appears that every foodservice packaging link is talking to each other more and more, causing them to pay attention to similar things.

You may be wondering why the increased communication and collaboration between supply chain partners is so significant. We believe this should result in continued evolution of the foodservice packaging industry to better support the needs of foodservice operators and their customers ó something that makes everyone more successful. This becomes even more important as the landscape of the foodservice industry continues to change ó particularly when driven by the influence of millennials.

And, speaking of millennials, they played a big role in this year's survey. They want food thatís convenient and not very time-intensive. This change, combined with the up-tick in the grab-and-go sector, requires lots of new and innovative packaging. A perfect opportunity for the foodservice packaging supply chain partners to continue to expand their collaboration.

For more information on this yearís survey results, go to FPIís website. Members may find the full report there, and non-members may access the executive summary. Contact Natha Dempsey with additional questions.  

Posted By Natha Dempsey (Vice President) | 11/15/2016 9:31:06 AM