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The foodservice packaging industry is committed to reducing the impact of its products on the environment and is dedicated to increasing the recovery of its products. While there is some recycling and composting of foodservice packaging already taking place, it is too little, primarily because of the current recovery infrastructure and end market opportunities for the recovered material. The industry recognized that a systems-based approach was needed to address this complex challenge, and that it needed strong collaboration with value chain partners. Therefore, to develop and promote economically viable and sustainable recovery solutions for foodservice packaging, the Paper Recovery Alliance (PRA) was formed in late 2011 and the Plastics Recovery Group (PRG) a short time later.

The PRA focuses on used paper foodservice packaging, while the PRG focuses on used plastic foodservice packaging. In some cases, the two groups work independently (for example, with end market development), while in other cases, the groups may work together (e.g., with collection infrastructure development, consumer education and engagement, and partnership building with marketplace stakeholders).



Eligible PRA and PRG members include stakeholders from all parts of the value chain, including raw material suppliers, converters, operators/retailers, collection service providers, reclaimers and material recovery facilities, and recovered feedstock end users. Please scroll down for a list of current PRA and/or PRG members.

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