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The Circle Widens

Iíve blogged before about FPIís special interest group, the Foam Recycling Coalition (FRC). You may remember from past posts that the goal of the FRC is to support the recycling of post-consumer foam polystyrene packaging such as cups, containers and dinnerware; processor trays; egg cartons; and transport packaging.  The primary way in which the FRC is doing this is through their grant program, which seeks to provide foam recycling equipment and technical assistance to grant recipients. 

During the first year of the grant program in 2015, we had two grant recipients, Alpine Waste and Recycling in Commerce City CO and Colchester County in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Both are currently hard at work recycling foam polystyrene packaging!  To read a little more about how itís going, check out this case study on Alpine.

For 2016, the FRC used learnings from the first year of the program to tweak the grant application.  It gave those seeking funds more direction in their application process.  Back in the spring, the FRC received some really great applications from all over the country.    As a result, the FRC has already awarded two grants this year:  Athens-Clarke County in Georgia was announced in August and most recently, McLeod County in Minnesota was officially announced in September of 2016.  And, it gets better!  As of now, the FRC expects to have two more grant recipients to announce in the last quarter of 2016, doubling the number of grant recipients from 2015 to 2016!

The FRC will continue to march forward in 2017, noting another, more significant change to its grant program.  As of April 2016, grants will be awarded on an ongoing basis.  It takes some hard work and dedication to fill out grant applications and the FRC membership wants to award qualified recipients looking to offer residential recycling of foam polystyrene as often as it can.  Speaking of, is this you?  Are you wanting to apply for an FRC grant?  If so, take a look at the eligibility criteria and download the application here!

In looking at this post, I realize Iíve used more than a few exclamation points.  I hope this conveys across the screen my excitement at the positive momentum I feel around foam polystyrene recycling.  We at FPI are very fortunate to have the opportunity to foster and promote such a positive program.  If you are a part of the foam polystyrene value chain and want to join these companies and become a member of the FRC, please donít hesitate to drop me a line. 

Of course, if youíre just following along with us, weíre glad youíre here too.  The more folks we can share the good story of foam polystyrene recycling with, the better.  Stay tuned for more coming soon!

Posted By Natha Dempsey (Vice President) | 9/27/2016 12:23:02 PM