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The Highlights (and Perhaps Lowlights) of 80 Years of Foodservice Packaging Promotion

In my last post, I celebrated the 80 years we’ve been supporting the foodservice packaging industry. If you read that post (click here if you did not!), I’m sure you noticed that FPI and its predecessors have spent much of its efforts promoting the benefits and uses of foodservice packaging.


As often as we can, we tout foodservice packaging’s benefits like helping to ensure food safety and sanitation, reduce operators’ costs, conserve water and energy in a foodservice facility, offer a safer environment for restaurant workers, provide a convenient way for customers to enjoy their favorite foods and beverages on the go, promote a brand and communicate with customers through packaging. 


A few years ago, FPI developed a new industry logo and tagline… “Foodservice Packaging: The Sensible Solution.” Single-use foodservice packaging is indeed a sensible solution for today’s foodservice operations, but I have to tell you, this is pretty dry compared to campaigns of the past. Here are a few eyebrow-raising favorites:


While we can’t take credit for this ad – it ran in the 1920s before we were founded – it was one of the first hard-hitting public messages about the importance of single-use versus reusable cups:




We have copies of other interesting cartoons that ran in various newspapers:


Perhaps one of our favorites – and yes, so NOT politically correct today – was the following ad:


Don’t think we’ll see another ad like that one anytime in the near future!


And while we’re going down the path of really inappropriate ways to promote foodservice packaging, here’s another article that stood out:




I should note that that this article ran relatively recently – in 1986. I guess sex always sells.


In the last few decades, FPI’s promotion of the industry and its products has been far less controversial, with campaigns like “Foodservice Disposables are Indispensable,” “Take Aim at Sanitation” and “Should I Feel Guilty.” Of course, sometimes foodservice packaging gets a boost from an unlikely source: consider Toby Keith’s fun-loving “Red Solo Cup” song (even if you don’t work for Solo, how could you not like that song?).


As we look forward, FPI will continue to find new avenues to promote the industry and remind our various audiences of the benefits of foodservice packaging. The recent launch of this blog and our new pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are all building blocks for future promotional campaigns to help share our key messages and support our industry. Here’s to another 80 years of creative ways to tout foodservice packaging.



Posted By Lynn M. Dyer (President) | 8/19/2013 2:07:46 PM