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Time to Step Up and Help Get FSP Recovered

For the past four years, weve had a core group of companies that have been supporting FPIs special interest groups working to increase the recovery of paper and plastic foodservice packaging. With their time and money, we have identified the barriers and solutions to getting more foodservice recycled or composted. We have developed a very thoughtful and thorough systems-based approach, focusing on municipalities, material recovery facilities and end markets for the recovered material, whether recyclable or compostable. We have built relationships with key stakeholders, earning a reputation as being truly credible in this space.

As we look to 2016, the members of the Paper Recovery Alliance and Plastics Recovery Group are committing to a more accelerated work plan, helping us to increase recovery and show that yes, you really can recycle and/or compost foodservice packaging and that its already being done!

Looking to next year, the plan is to:

        Work with 2 cities to get them to add paper and plastic foodservice packaging to their curbside recycling programs;

        Work with 1 city to get them to add compostable FSP to their curbside composting programs;

        Identify and strengthen the end markets for FSP;

        Reach out to material recovery facilities to share information and encourage them to accept FSP;

        Launch and promote a new toolkit to encourage front-of-store recycling and composting of FSP;

        Create a database to track where FSP is being recycled and composted, and therefore perhaps more importantly, where it is not and where to target future work; and

        Communicate with a greater number of external stakeholders through conferences, webinars, media, etc.


If you are not already supporting the work of the PRA/PRG, I would invite you to do so, for several good reasons. First, your supply chains partners want you to. My guess is at least one of your suppliers or customers are already involved with the PRA/PRG (check out the list of members here). Dont you also want to be at the table and be seen as a leader by your customers, competitors and others? Second, government legislators and regulators expect you to. I, along with representatives from many of our allied associations, are attending a meeting with CalRecycle next month to share our belief that voluntary, industry-based recovery initiatives are the most effective way to increase diversion and that new government regulations like extended producer responsibility are not needed or desired. Third, we know that a growing number of companies are setting their own sustainability goals. Supporting the PRA/PRG is a nice complement to a companys own initiatives.

Now is the time to step up and show your commitment to one of our industry's most important challenges. Want more details or reasons to join the PRA/PRG? Please contact me.

Posted By Lynn M. Dyer (President) | 12/8/2015 2:51:15 PM