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We're FPI and We Approve This Message

Unless you've been living under rock, you are a well aware that the U.S. is in election season!  Tired of hearing about it?  Lets talk about a different kind of election the one we recently held for our Board of Directors. 

What is the Board of Directors, and what is its function you ask?  Our Board consists of approximately 12 members, and is a mix of converters and suppliers (raw material and machinery); material and product types; and varying company sizes to best represent the industry.  Board members perform the following functions for FPI:
  • Establish future priorities for the association, based on FPI's strategic plan;
  • Provide feedback on FPI activities and projects;
  • Help with member recruitment and retention (at FPI conferences and as appropriate outside of FPI events); and
  • Assist in developing FPIs budget, dues structure and policies.
Do we really hold elections every year?!

Yes, we hold elections every year (each year has expiring terms,) but thankfully our process is a little easier than it is for presidential elections.  How does our process work?  No primaries, no debates, no campaigning (well, maybe a little,) no electoral college just a majority vote from our membership, with each member company receiving one vote.

About two months prior to our fall conference, we send out notices to our membership that we are beginning the nomination process.  Members can submit their own name, or someone else's to be considered for the Board.  Once we get all the names, we send out an electronic vote to the membership.  Then we simply tally up the votes and the candidates with the highest number of votes for the available number of board positions win!  So easy, right?

Congratulations to our newly-elected Board members! They include:

  • Jon Ernst, International Paper
  • Rob Kittredge, Fabri-Kal
  • Frank Liesman, Dart Container
  • James Naughton, Thermoforming Systems
  • Bob Waddell, GOEX
  • Jeff Wolff, Anchor Packaging
  • Eric Wulf, Pactiv

These fine gentlemen join others on FPIs current Board, including:

  • Cliff Albert, Seda North America
  • Brian Glasbrenner, NatureWorks LLC
  • Mike Kazmierski, Paper Machinery Corp.
  • John Mulcahy, Georgia-Pacific LLC (FPIs Chair)
  • Wylie Royce, Royce Colors
  • John Ulowetz, Berry Plastics (FPIs Vice Chair)

If only our national elections were this easy!

We are excited about the coming year and all we hope to accomplish with our Board.  Their time devoted to FPI business is greatly appreciated.  Are you an FPI member interested in serving on the board?  Think about throwing your hat in the ring next year!

As for what happens nationally here in the U.S., hang on the bumpy ride is almost over!

Posted By Jennifer Goldman (Director) | 11/1/2016 9:09:50 AM