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Why is Foodservice Packaging the Sensible Solution?

A few years ago, FPI developed a new industry logo and tagline… "Foodservice Packaging: The Sensible Solution." There are very good reasons why foodservice packaging is the sensible solution for today’s restaurateurs and other foodservice operations, but how many can you name? Here's a reminder of the benefits of single-use foodservice packaging - especially if you compare them to their reusable counterparts…


For Food Safety and Sanitation: The use of single-use packaging is a major step toward preventing foodborne illness. Used only once, these products significantly reduce food contamination and the spread of diseases. Multiple studies conducted at foodservice operations prove that these products are more sanitary than their reusable counterparts.


As further evidence, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Food Code authoritatively spells out the sanitary and health advantages of our products: "A food establishment without facilities...for cleaning and sanitizing kitchenware and tableware shall provide only single-use kitchenware, single-service articles, and single-use articles for use by food employees and single-service articles for use by consumers." The Food Code also states "in situations in which the reuse of multiuse items could result in foodborne illness to consumers, single-service and single-use articles must be used to ensure safety." This means that in a disaster or emergency situation, by law, single-use foodservice packaging must be used.


For Cost Savings: By reducing the need for expensive equipment, additional labor and non-revenue producing storage space, single-use packaging is the economical alternative to multiuse items.


- It eliminates the need for costly dishwashers and other support equipment (racks, carts, dollies, shelving, bins, etc.). Plus, saves money on water, detergents and energy used by dishwashers.

- It reduces the need for non-revenue producing back-of-house storage space.

- Single-use foodservice packaging also saves time and labor by eliminating the need to scrape, wash, rinse and dry dishes.

- It eliminates the need to replace reusables that are broken, damaged, stolen or accidentally discarded.


For Water and Energy Conservation: The use of foodservice packaging reduces an operators’ consumption of precious water and energy resources needed to wash reusables.


For Safety: Single-use foodservice packaging contributes to safety in foodservice operations.


- Single-use foodservice packaging is lightweight, reducing potential accidents, back injuries and insurance costs.

- It helps eliminate possible cuts and scratches caused by chipped or broken crockery and glassware.

- It removes the possibility of spillovers from water and detergent, thus eliminating potential workplace hazards.


For Convenience: Foodservice packaging allows customers to enjoy foods and beverages in or out of operators’ establishments – in a safe and convenient manner.


For Brand Promotion and Messaging: Foodservice packaging can be a brand’s "walking billboard" to help drive sales. In addition, it’s a way to communicate important messages to the consumer, whether these are reheating instructions, nutritional information or guidance on what to do with the item once used (for example, "do not litter" or "please recycle or compost me").


Sometimes it’s good to just get back to basics and remind ourselves why foodservice packaging is the sensible solution.


Are we forgetting other benefits? If so, please let me know:


Posted By Lynn M. Dyer (President) | 9/25/2013 10:52:51 AM